When disaster strikes, JSCD is amongst the first to appear on the scene with emergency supplies.

We support survivors of disaster in their time of need and help them rebuild their lives afterwards

From Badin to Balakot, we’re there when we’re needed

Thanks to our nationwide network, we at JSCD respond to emergencies quickly and efficiently. We’ve helped victims of flood, earthquakes, drought and conflict, collecting and distributing millions of rupees for emergency supplies.

JSCD has been at the forefront of disaster relief activities since the year 2000. In the recent devastating flood in the country, JSCD is working in different regions of the country where it is providing food, water, shelter, clothing, medicines and medical camps. JSCD has established relief camps at Charsada, Swat, Mianwali, Rajan Pur, Kot Addu, Muzaffargarh, DG Khan and Skardu. JSCD has committed to look after 3400 families comprising of 22,000 people till they are rehabilitated. JSCD staff and volunteers are registering families and providing ration for every 15 days on a ration card issued to the head of the family. Moreover, medical camps are organized to provide emergency medical relief and MNCH services.

Medical Support

Medical support is provided through medical camps in the areas struck by natural disasters. These medical camps provide general medical care, outdoor services and MNCH services. Medicines are also provided to the sick affectees.

The medical team also conducts awareness seminars regarding various health issues related to the natural disaster and educates the affectees on preventive measures.

Provision of Non Food Items

Non food items like basic utensils (a small & a big pot for cooking, 6 plates, 6 cups, a frying pan i.e. tawa, a kettle, a knife, a bucket, 1 parat, 1 stove, match boxes and candles etc) are provided to each family. Blankets, quilts, sleeping mats and other necessary items are also provided to the affectees.

Nutrition & Ration

At times of disaster, we mobilize to distribute food and supplies for thousands of people. We are providing ration to over 3400 families in the flood affected areas. The ration includes 15 days’ supply of flour, rice, sugar, oil, tea, pulses and milk.

WASH Services

Water, sanitation and hygiene services are also provided in the affected areas. Safe drinking water is provided in the tent villages and communities. Latrines are established for sanitation and the people are encouraged to observe hygienic practices.

Education & School Services

For school going children, a school is established at the JSCD camp. Staff for the school is hired from the educated residents of the area who are capable and willing to teach. All the school children are also provided nutrition in the form of milk and biscuits every day.

All of these services are being provided gradually at all of the flood affected areas taken up by JSCD.