Malnutrition results from intake of inadequate quality or quantity of food that provides essential nutrients. According to the UN, malnutrition is the largest single contributor to disease. Therefore, JSCD has been a staunch supporter of fight against malnutrition and is running following two initiatives:

a) Food to patients at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Lahore.

Since 2002, JSCD has been successfully running a free food program at Sir
Ganga Ram Hospital, Lahore (SGRH). JSCD provides breakfast and lunch to all the indoor patients in each of the 26 wards of SGRH. Additionally, patients of Thalassaemia attending the Day Care Centre at SGRH are also provided with meals twice every day. This brings the total number of beneficiaries to approximately 800-1000/day.

b) Free Ration Program.

The rate of inflation and rising levels of unemployment has put tremendous
pressure on the poor population of Pakistan. As a result, having one meal a day is becoming a challenge for the poorest of the poor. Considering the situation at hand, JSCD is providing ration to around 128 families on monthly basis.