Place:    Vaam
Location:Killi Khan Payo, Killi Vaam Kotal and Killi Kandepot Dobona(Quetta – Ziarat Road)
Population:598 individuals

Ziarat District was destroyed by earth quake on 29-10-08, JSCD established a relief camp at 3 selected villages namely Killi Khan Payo, Killi Vaam Kotal and Killi Kandepot Dobona and took responsibility to rehabilitate 100 families having 598 individuals and erected 100 tents for a period of eight months.

The administrative camp of JSCD was established in Killi Khan Payo. In the first phase of this rehabilitation attempt, the families were provided with winterized tents for shelter, blankets, quilts, plastic floor, roof sheets, gas heaters and household utensils (a small & a big pot for cooking, 6 plates, 6 cups, a frying pan i.e. tawa, a kettle, a knife, a bucket, 1 parat, 1 stove, match boxes and candles etc.).

JSCD regularly provided ration to all inhabitants of the three villages. The ration was distributed after every 15 days to all the families according to the number of family members. Ration includes 30 kg flour (Atta), 10 kg     rice, 3 kg sugar, 5 kg ghee, 2 packet tea, 5 kg daal and dry milk   according to the number of children per family.

For school going children, a school was established at JSCD camp. Staff for the school was hired from those educated residents of the village, which were capable and willing to teach.  All the school children were also provided nutrition in the form of milk and biscuits everyday.

JSCD also established a camp mosque as the local Masjid was destroyed in the earthquake. On the occasion of Eid –e Qurbani, goats were sacrificed and each family was given a full goat’s meat. The bigger families were given two goat’s meat so that each member of the family could get enough meat on Eid. After the initial phase of the relief efforts, JSCD plans to rehabilitate the victims of the earthquake by encouraging the men of the families to start their work again. Planning is being done in this regard as to how to generate employment opportunities for the affected.