Unfortunately Pakistan has high maternal and child mortality rates despite persistent efforts by the Department of Health. Punjab, though one of the more resourceful provinces, still has certain pockets of area left unattended by government and non-government organizations alike. This has resulted in communities being deprived of basic health facilities.

With regards to maternal mortality, it has been realized that though complications during pregnancy cannot be predicted, maternal deaths can still be averted to a major degree by; effective education, screening for high-risk pregnancies and avoiding delay in seeking medical aid. With respect to child mortality, annual report (2011) by Pakistan Medical Association states that, a child dies every minute due to preventable diseases such as, respiratory infections and diarrhea. National Nutritional Survey (2011) concludes that malnutrition is one of the underlying determinants of child mortality and contributes to an alarming 55% of the total deaths under the age of five.

With research suggesting that the major causes of maternal and child mortality are avertable, JSCD proposed an urgent need for community oriented campaigns to equip the masses with much desired and required knowledge and skills. In this regard, JSCD in collaboration with UNICEF has successfully implemented Community Action Process (CAP) in the following different districts of Punjab.

  1. Rajanpur
  2. Kasur
  3. Sheikhupura
  4. Nankana