JSCD has been on the forefront of providing relief during disasters in the country. JSCD has a very experienced team that has acquired expertise in emergency and disaster relief work. Depending upon the situation, JSCD has provided;

  1. Shelter through establishment of camp villages,
  2. Food and Non-Food Items (NFIs) such as clothes, utensils, hygiene kits etc.
  3. Medical services through medical and surgical relief camps
  4. Water and sanitation services

JSCD is amongst the leading organizations providing relief during disasters in the
country including;

1. IDPs of Waziristan (2014)
2. Floods in Rajanpur and Muzaffargarh (2010)
3. IDPs of Swat (2009)
4. Ziarat earthquake (2008)
5. Balakot and Kashmir Earthquake (2005)