Place:    Hassa Tent Village
Location:  Balakot, Govt. Degree College for Boys, Hassa
Families   307
Population:2400 people

JSCD adopted the Hassa Tent Village, which was established in the compound of Government Degree College Balakot. Initially 100 tents were established by the Army. JSCD took over the responsibility of rehabilitation of around 2,480 homeless people and erected 150 additional tents initially for a period of 6-8 months. In the first phase of this rehabilitation attempt, the families were provided winterized tents for shelter, blankets, quilts, plastic floor and roof sheets and household utensils (a small & a big pot for cooking, 6 plates, 6 cups, a frying pan i.e. tawa, a kettle, a knife, a bucket, 1 parat, 1 stove, 1 torch, kerosene oil, match boxes and candles etc.).

JSCD regularly provided ration to all inhabitants of the tent village. The ration was distributed after every 10 days to all the families according to the number of family members. Ration includes 20 kg flour (atta), 10 kg rice, 2 kg sugar, 2.5 kg ghee, 1 packet tea, 5 kg daal and milk according to the number of children per family.

For school going children, a school was established with the help of UNICEF. Staff for the school was hired from those educated residents of the camp, which were capable and willing to teach. All the school children were also provided school books and uniforms. JSCD also took the responsibility of the Students, teachers and staff of the Govt. Degree College for Boys, Hassa, Balakot and therefore were provided services like tents for hostel, ration, quilts, floorings, utensils, natural gas, kerosene oil, etc.