Partners: UNICEF, UNDP, WWF, Tetra Pak & Corporate sector

JSCD led Pani Pakistan, a consortium that worked towards managing and conserving water in the country. Its vision has been to work towards edequate, clean and safe water available to all, for all purposes. JSCD has been working towards the public awareness and advocacy for the rational and equitable use of water, with the commitment to ensure that water bodies are conserved and maintained as a public trust for the future generations of Pakistan. JSCD supported by the consortium partners spear headed all Pani Pakistan’s activities including; “Indus Walk”. The Indus walk was a month long journey along River Indus. It highlighted the centrality of Indus as Pakistan’s central water resource, its dwindling waters and rising pollution. Pani Pakistan recruited young water champions from all across Pakistan and trained them to sail and walk along the Indus River, organized Water Melas (fairs) and educated communities living along the edge of the river on water conservation. The whole journey has been captured on camera and a documentary has also been developed.