The Pani Pakistan Consortium was established by a group of concerned individuals and organizations in response to the burgeoning needs of managing & conserving water. There are tremendous challenges in Pakistan’s water sectors that need a sane and de-politicized response. The whole water debate, therefore, has to be rephrased in a radically different way, to help people move away from entrenched, group interest based positions on particular infrastructure development schemes, and towards more rational and practical approaches covering the whole water sector.

Based on the vision, mission and organizational goals, Pani Pakistan’s work includes integrated water resources management within water basins, watersheds, ecological zones, metropolitan environments and other contexts. It is work to ensure the provision of safe drinking water and sanitation for all and a minimal level of water in all water bodies.

Adequate, clean and safe water available to all, for all purposes

Mission Statement
Development of public awareness and advocacy for the rational and equitable use of water for all the people of the country, with the commitment to ensure that all water bodies are conserved and maintained as a public trust for the future generations of Pakistan.

Organizational Goals
  • Sensitizing government, civil society, private sector, international organizations and general public to water and environmental issues
  • Promoting conservation and management of watersheds, glaciers, river systems, lakes, coasts and marine environments
  • Influencing all policies, participants & practices related to water and environment