Food Subsidiary Program

A healthy body is vital for a life of a well-being. Yet many Pakistani women and children are denied the benefits of good nutritious food to keep their bodies healthy and fit.

That is why we at JSCD have made nutritious support our top priority.

Since 2000 we’ve been providing regular nutritious meals to people who need them most: patients at public hospitals, and children at Nigheban Centre for lost children.

We distribute a breakfast of bread, milk and eggs. Our in-house cooks whip up hygienic afternoon meals of whole some roti, rice and curries.

“Almost 750 meals are served daily at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital”

We at JSCD have been overseeing the Nigheban Centre in Lahore since 2004. About 1300 children come to the centre every year. Here we provide nutritious meals to the children as well as clothing, toiletries and items of daily use. We arrange for medical treatment and help to locate their families.

For children who have nowhere else to go, we provide shelter.


  • Breakfast provided to all patients of women indoor ward in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.
  • Wholesome, hygienically prepared afternoon meals to all indoor patients and their attendants.
  • Children and their attendants in indoor wards and the Thalassaemia Center provided breakfast.
  • Meals provided to children at Nigheban Centre for lost and runaway children, Lahore.
  • Meals provided to patients in the Physiotherapy Centre, Behbood Complex