The phenomenon of malnutrition can occur at any stage of life and often takes the shape of a vicious cycle – with malnourished women giving birth to children who are undernourished and remain so throughout their lives thus continuing the cycle. Malnutrition is not only the result of inadequate dietary intake but also involves interrelated factors such as household food insecurity, inadequate maternal and childcare, and poor health and environment services.

Realizing the importance of good nutrition in an individual’s life, JSCD for the uplift of the community is running a highly successful Free Food Program at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital (SGRH).

JSCD provides free breakfast and lunch on a daily basis to approximately 800 patients at SGRH – a service that has continued since the year 2000. This also includes the Thalassaemic children who come for treatment at the Thalassaemia Center located in the hospital premise.  Besides the philanthropists who continually donate for the cause, hundreds of people contribute in their own small way to keep the program running.

Donations can be made through monetary aid or in kind. For donations please find below some options for your convenience

  • Sponsorship for one day (800 patients) costs  PKR 60,00o
  • Sponsor ship of 10 patients per month costs PKR 22,500
  • Rice approx. 1500 kg per month or PKR 1,40,000
  • Flour approx. 1200 kg per month or PKR 50,000
  • Pulses approx. 400 kg per month or PKR 25,000
  • Chicken 400 kg per month or PKR 60,000
  • Vegetables 600 kg per month or PKR 30,000
  • *Sadqa meat