Punjab Safe Motherhood Initiative Project

Women are equal partners in progress. Yet in our society, women’s well-being is often neglected.

At JSCD we help women achieve their potential by providing them with care and information they need to stay healthy.

Raising Awareness in Jhelum

In 2006, we were chosen to implement PAIMAN, a 5 year USAID nationwide project to reduce maternal, newborn and child mortality in Jhelum district.

We surveyed twelve union councils, of Tehsil Pind Dadan Khan, and conducted vigorous awareness activities to tell people how to improve maternal and child health. Activities include town storming and community mobilization, debates and competitions and the mobilization of local volunteers as blood donors and support groups. We also organize quarterly medical camps in these areas and have trained community health workers and birth attendants to provide basic care and awareness.

Punjab Safe Motherhood Initiative Project

Through awareness, advocacy and better services, JSCD and its partners in the Punjab Safe Motherhood Initiative Project hope to reduce maternal mortality in Sheikhupura District.

Since 2004, PSMIP has targeted 16 rural health facilities in Sheikhupura. With our partners, we have renovated the facilities, trained their doctors and stationed young doctors from Lady Willingdon Hospital, Lahore.

These doctors have given antenatal care to over 9000 women in rural Sheikhupura and conducted hundreds of surgical procedures.

We have renovated the obstetric unit at DHQ Sheikhupura.

THQ Muridke was once a non-functional facility. With UNICEF funding we have built its operating facilities, blood bank and labour room. Now THQ Muridke conducts over 50 deliveries and C-sections a month.


  • Antenatal care provided to over 9000 rural women
  • 10 trained doctors posted to 12 health facilities
  • THQ Muridke made operational
  • Awareness and outreach activities attracting thousands of Sheikhupura residents
  • Links between Lahore and Sheikhupura hospitals, so that patients with complications are swiftly refrred

As part of PSMIP, JSCD’s awareness activities have included extensive social mobilization and awareness activities. Through Mosques, radio and public meetings we spread awareness about the importance of skilled care at birth. Thousands of women and men have attended our events in their home villages.

We try to listen to the people we serve. At every community meeting, we ask for suggestions on how we can improve our services, and work with the community to ensure that fewer women and children die of preventable causes.

Since 2006, we have started investigating the cause of individual maternal death to see how we can improve our services