The Pakistan Initiative for Mothers and Newborn Health (PAIMAN) is a five-year project funded by the United State Agency for International Development (USAID). PAIMAN is committed to assist the Government of Pakistan to implement essential and effective interventions to improve the service delivery to ensure better health status of mothers and newborns. A consortium led by JSI is responsible for designing and implementing the project. Other members of consortium include Aga Khan University, Contech International Health Consultants, Greenstar, John Hopkins University Centre for Communication Program, PAVHNA, Population council and Save the Children USA.   Main objective of the project is to reduce maternal, neonatal and children morbidity and mortality in the selected districts of the country through viable and demonstrable initiatives with the following strategic objectives.

SO-1 Increase awareness and promote positive maternal and neonatal health behaviours.

SO-2 Increase access including emergency obstetric and newborn care to and community

SO-3 Involvement in maternal and child health services and ensure services are delivered through health and ancillary health services.

SO-4 Improve service quality in both the public and private sectors, particularly related to the management of obstetrical and neonatal complications.

SO-5 Increase capacity of Mother and Neonatal Health managers and care providers.
Improve management and integration of services at all levels.

Project Goal
To improve maternal and newborn health seeking behavior in the selected communities, through viable and demonstrable initiatives to increase awareness and community mobilization
Project Objectives

  • Increased awareness and to promote positive maternal and neonatal health behaviours around key MNH indicators namely routine EPI with special focus on TT vaccination, ANC, PNC, clean and safe delivery.
  • Increase access to the Maternal and Newborn Care through community involvement in maternal and child health services.

Project Description
Increase Awareness:

  1. Through innovations and involvement of the Community: awareness among women, men and family members on key messages.
    • Through awareness among students at schools on MNH issues and involvement of teachers
    • Through awareness sessions with religious leaders, politicians and community notables
  1. Advocacy at the local level

Increase accessibility:

  1. Identification of the TBAs, their orientation and creating linkages with each other and with the facilities.
  2. Orientation of the trained workers for TT vaccination.
  3. Involvement of the private sector in MNH delivery services including TT vaccination and Health Camps.

What is JSCD’s part.
JSCD is managing PAIMAN Project in 12 Union Councils of Tehsil Pind Dadan Khan of District Jehlum. Jscd is responsible for the behavior change and social mobilization of the community regarding maternal and neonatal health. It is fulfilling the task through sensitization of the community at different levels with different and innovative techniques. Our project  activities are as following:

Activities   No. of Activities
Orientation of the TBAs
Awareness sessions
Medical Camps
Advocacy events
Referal networking
Docu Drama Display

          TT Vaccination Campaigns

TT Vaccination 03
Hand bills for awareness 03
Mass announcement in mosques and on cable 03
Awareness walk before each TT campaign 03
Display of Banners & Posters for public awareness 03